Yesterday morning I went for a walk. The sun which had technically already risen, was coming up over some distant trees. As I strolled east, a particular bush on a neighbor’s lawn caught my eye. The sunlight was falling on it just so that each of the leaves on the newly grown branches were glowing red. I stopped taken by the sight and reminded that a week before, around sunset, I had seen another bush of its type also glowing red. I tried to capture the then sunset-illuminated bush but my camera could not catch this amazing phenomenon.

As I walked toward this much larger bush this morning, I took in its entire shape and size. I noticed that the newly grown branches of the summer shot straight out as if radiating from the greener crown of the original bush like exclamation marks. They looked almost comical in their radiant and energetic spray.

I paused for a moment and held these exclamation marks in my mind. I closed my eyes and felt into those stalks with their glowing red leaves like outstretched arms reaching upward with so much openness and joy. As I did, I let myself become those open outstretched branches. I reached to the sky and felt subtle vibrations lifting thru my arms, hands and fingertips. And then, a spontaneous message came to me from this illuminated, open-armed plant – “keep growing.”

I thought briefly about the ways that I have been growing and made a mental note to “keep growing” toward what lay ahead that day and this week as well.

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