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Audio-recorded Inner Work exercises to develop awareness, deepen connections and help you grapple with life’s problems.

DeepWell, a library of Inner Work exercises that tap resources inside you and
help you access uniquely personal insights, connections and resolutions.

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About DeepWell

DeepWell offers a way to use your awareness consciously, intentionally, and accurately. Are you looking for an alternative approach to self-discovery, wanting to connect with your deepest nature, or longing to make sense of life experiences?  If you want to find meaning, to make decisions, or to improve relationships with self or others…DeepWell may be right for you.

About the Exercises

What is Inner Work?

An Inner Work exercise is a guided process of self-exploration that relies on noticing, articulating and following your experience in order to solve problems, find a new point of view, work on relationship conflicts or make decisions.

Meet Our Facilitators

Meet our growing team of contributors who can help you learn more about how to best use Inner Work exercises, will share their insights and experiences, discuss the theory behind Inner Work, and more.

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