About DeepWell


Want to tap into the wisdom of your inner experience?
Try an Inner Work exercise! 

The Inspiration

As an independent student of Processwork in the early 2000s and later as a formal student at the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon from 2007-2011, I practiced and learned to use Processwork attitudes, skills and techniques including Inner Work. During that time and since, I have found amazing insights, connections and realizations thru Inner Work that I recognized as true to me but also completely new to me – that is I have uncovered or discovered aspects of myself of which I had no or very little knowledge. In short, I have surprised myself again and again!

I have felt transformed by just becoming aware of these unexpected experiences and also by integrating these discoveries into my life – my work, relationships, creative processes and daily activities.  These moments and my experiences with Inner Work have inspired me to want to share a way for others to learn to use their awareness.  What I imagined was a platform for others to use Inner Work to find their own “deep well” of wisdom, depth, expansiveness, clarity and meaning. This is how DeepWell, the idea, was born.

— Cindy Trawinski, PsyD, MAPW



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