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Try an Inner Work exercise! 

What is an Inner Work Exercise?

An Inner Work Exercise is a guided process of self-exploration that relies upon noticing, articulating, and following your experience to solve problems, find a new point of view, work on relationship conflicts and/or make decisions. The audio-recorded Inner Work exercises here were developed by process-oriented awareness facilitators for Deep Well and are based on concepts and ideas from Process-oriented Psychology also known as Processwork.

Inner Work is a technique for following process or the flow of one’s experience. Originally developed by Carl Jung and then expanded on by others including Arnold Mindell and early processworkers in the 1980s.  Inner Work refers to a process of following and facilitating your awareness by sensing and noticing physical sensations, impulses, movements, sounds and other sensory grounded information.   

Why Inner Work?

Many of us who are interested in self-inquiry, growth, and learning — whether emotional, psychological, relational, social, or spiritual – have studied and practiced various ways of expanding or deepening our awareness.  Inner Work is a technique that can help develop awareness and enhance your capacities to relate, connect and be with experiences and others that puzzle, trouble, disturb or bother you.

Inner Work can help you unpack, deepen and relate in new and often powerful ways. Inner Work supports you to address or approach questions, concerns and issues with greater awareness and resources. Inner relationships – between different beliefs, feelings and points of view – are enriched and enlivened when you develop your awareness.  Outer relationships – at home, at work and in your communities – also grow and transform when you develop your awareness.

Is Inner Work a Kind of Meditation?

Inner Work is a bit different from meditation. Meditation often refers to a practice or exercise meant to clear and focus the mind bringing a tranquil or calm state mind.

Inner Work is a process of using awareness to deepen understanding of yourself, your relationships and connections. It is also a way to access important states, attitudes, qualities and points of view and to apply them to everyday situations in your life. This is just one way of thinking about the distinction between meditation and Inner Work. There are many others.  Some may see this differently and have other ways of understanding meditation and Inner Work.

PLEASE NOTE: The Inner Work exercises, blog posts on the DeepWell website and other social media posts from DeepWell are informational only and not meant to replace individual psychotherapy, counseling or medical advice. If you are in need of help, reaching out to a professional may help you decide how to proceed or how to find the care you need.

The Inspiration

As an independent student of Processwork in the early 2000s and later as a formal student at the Process Work Institute in Portland, Oregon from 2007-2011, I practiced and learned to use Processwork attitudes, skills and techniques including Inner Work. During that time and since, I have found amazing insights, connections and realizations thru Inner Work that I recognized as true to me but also completely new to me – that is I have uncovered or discovered aspects of myself of which I had no or very little knowledge. In short, I have surprised myself again and again!

I have felt transformed by just becoming aware of these unexpected experiences and also by integrating these discoveries into my life – my work, relationships, creative processes and daily activities.  These moments and my experiences with Inner Work have inspired me to want to share a way for others to learn to use their awareness.  What I imagined was a platform for others to use Inner Work to find their own “deep well” of wisdom, depth, expansiveness, clarity and meaning. This is how DeepWell, the idea, was born.

— Cindy Trawinski, PsyD, MAPW



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