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This is a test website offering a limited number of recorded Inner Work exercises.

We hope to give you a taste of Inner Work and to collect your feedback and input, so we can make Inner Work available to more people.

PLEASE NOTE: Each Inner Work exercise has a unique survey. We would love it, if you would complete a survey for each of the Inner Work exercises you listen to.

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New Beginnings (9:36 minutes)

by Cindy Trawinski | It is common to sometimes feel a bit apprehensive at the outset of new endeavors. This inner work is designed to help you address anxious feelings you may have about starting something new.

Using Your Awareness to Solve Everyday Problems (6:39 minutes)

by Nathaniel Brandon | All of us have ordinary troubles and difficulties. We search for the right answer but don’t find it easily. Try this inner work and see if your self awareness can help you.

Working with a Critical Inner Voice (13:14 minutes)

by Rami Henrich | Inner critical voices can show up in many situations. Perhaps, when you have spoken up at work or asked a question in a class or group. We often try to diminish or counter inner critical voices but what if they also carried important advice or wisdom?

Finding Meaning During COVID (9:12 minutes)

by Niyati Evers | As much as facing our mortality can be scary, it can also bring us in touch with what is truly important and meaningful in our lives. And being connected to what gives us meaning can make all the difference as we navigate, each of us in our own way, the challenges of our times.

Facing Fears and the Earth’s Wisdom (12:56 minutes)

by Suzette Payne | Fear is a feeling that Nature has given us to protect us from danger. We can, also, become stuck in patterns of fear and worry that create barriers to living more fully and with more ease. There are, however, hidden resources found in nature and earth energies that can become an ally for us in working with our fear states.

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