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We learn best in community when we can use all of our senses to observe and absorb the new skills being modeled.

Why Inner Work Events?

How can you benefit from learning Inner Work in community with others?

In groups we find our selves in the spectrum of learning and possibility. By watching, listening and feeling into the experiences and questions others bring, we discover what we can do well and where we can still refine and improve. We learn best when we can use all of our senses to learn and practice the new skills being modeled.

Learning in community provides a reflecting pool for our development.

There are four parts to learning inner work skills:

  1. See, hear and feel the skill modeled, so you can observe and absorb it.
  2. Practice the skill in a supportive environment.
  3. Ask questions, get stuck, receive help, recognize and integrate feedback.
  4. Notice your progress.

Develop awareness, deepen connections and gain insights to help you grapple with life’s problems. Surprise yourself.

Inner Work Exercise

Listen and Explore

Explore our archive of audio exercises, each about 10 minutes in length. This series of audio recordings can help you if you are new to inner work or want to explore a particular aspect of inner work.

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