DeepWell is a place for those who are interested in learning about their inner wisdom — as yet unarticulated beliefs, unseen abilities and unrecognized qualities and then, applying these insights or experiences to current situations, problems or concerns. Using inner work exercises, listeners can find answers, solve problems, gain new perspectives, connect to mystery and go beyond their ordinary thinking and point of view to connect to deeply personal and universal truths.

Inner work is both a tool and a skill set for exploring your concerns from new angles to find undiscovered potential within yourself. As a tool, you listen to the audio recordings and follow your awareness to tap into previously unknown or less known experiences and resources.  As a skill set, inner work includes: 


  • Developing and using curiosity and beginner’s mind
  • Noticing signals in various sensory channels (visual, auditory, movement, etc..)
  • Holding signals in your awareness in order to study their presence and what is attracting you to them
  • Amplifying signals – for example, using your body or imagination to increase, enlarge, speed up or slow down signals
  • Noticing your own or another’s world view or state of mind
  • Shapeshifting or taking on the qualities, posture or attributes of other people, objects, beings, animals, etc… to gain new insights and perspective
  • Observing your or other’s state of mind and experience
  • Holding a point of view or state of mind that is not your own
  • Recognizing essential qualities 
  • Looking at your concerns or problems from new perspectives
  • Applying your learning to the life you are living

As with any practice, your ability to use inner work and your facility with the skills of inner work expands as you spend more time finding your way to your DeepWell.  Overtime, you become able to apply your learnings and discoveries more easily. With more experience, you may become able to use your awareness to create your own impromptu inner work processes to find meaning or explore concerns. 

Inner work can be used to address all kinds of human concerns and troubles.  No special knowledge is required. Your greatest asset in developing your inner work capacity is your openness, curiosity and ability to focus. Being willing to suspend judgement and letting yourself discover what is right about your experience at each step in your process will also help. Respecting your process and its limits is also important. The work of awareness is a life-long task and you may return to the same issues or stuck places many times in order to deepen your learning and relationship to yourself.   It takes time to develop your own inner work practice but I hope the DeepWell library and resources will help you!